Training Cadavers

At, we create highly realistic training cadavers for a variety of simulation purposes.

Lifelike Prop Bodies

Our deluxe lifecast bodies have rubber skin and semi-flexible foam core. They come with poseable arms. We produce a variety of male and female models.

Deluxe Male Jack Body Prop
Deluxe Male Jack Body Prop #545

You can choose the skin tone of each training cadaver: Pale, Tan, Dark and Morgue.

Skin Tones

If you are doing an outdoor training exercise, our foam props include a coat of UV Clearshield protect your training cadaver from yellowing in the sun.

Burn & Bomb Body FX

Our burn and bomb training cadavers range from representing victims with 3rd degree burns to fully charred cadavers.

Most of our prop bodies are available with burn wounds at three levels: surface burn, burnt or charred.

Wounded Body FX

Our wound simulation bodies include realistic portrayals of gunshot wounds, stab wounds, decay and more.

Autopsy Bodies & Medical FX

Our autopsy bodies feature lifecast removable organs. Other medical simulation bodies are available as custom projects.

We also produce burnt and wounded versions of our stunt dummies if that is more appropriate for your needs.